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Beberapa Solusi Thin Client 



  • User Management
  • Security & Permission
  • User Disk Quota
  • Central Application
  • Central Disk Storage
  • Database Management
  • Multi Processor Kernel

One terminal -   all applications

DOS-Windows 31/311/9x/Me/NT/2000
Windows Tanpa Disk
Ethernet Eprom
Net Terminal


  • Use existing computers & network
  • Printer , Scanner Share
  • Multimedia : Sound & animation, 16 bit color


  • Internet or Dial-Up Access
  • Fax/Modem Server

  • Windows No Disk
    silent - fast - reliable
  • Internet Enabled
    access legacy application by web browser: Internet Explorer, Netscape & Java
Save 35-67 % Total Cost Ownership

Analysts estimate that thin clients reduce your cost of desktop computing by 35-57 percent per year over a typical networked PC (1,2).

Take the 35 percent savings against a low estimate of the fully realized annual cost of operating and managing a networked PC, which is $9,000 (4). (Estimates run as high as $14,000 for this cost.)

$9,000 x .35 = $3,150 savings per year or $263 per month

Based on prices that start as low as $399 for typical new network terminal or New PC thinclient, you can recover the cost of a new  thin client in one and a half to three months. And since these savings are in terms of reduced maintenance, service and support, without the need for constant upgrades, you will continue to enjoy them every month you use a new  thin client terminal.

That's a return on your investment of from 300 percent This year. Next year. And for many years beyond.


1. 35 percent: Gartner Group, "Microsoft Terminal Server Edition and Thin-Client Computing", 1998, pages 11-12.
2. 57 percent: Zona Research "Desktop Clients: A Cost of Ownership Study" 1996, page 5.
3. Actually $9,983, Gartner Group Research Note, Febraury 26, 1998, page 2

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